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What is it that you’re looking for??

We really value our customers opinions and it’s always great chatting to people to get their take on what’s “in” for them, this is the main reason I love having a showroom it’s a space where people can look around, see, feel and smell (when Rob‘s been waxing) the furniture and really appreciate the handmade beauty of furniture we have in store. Sometimes it‘s difficult to think outside the box and I often wondered am I offering people what they want? Do they want something quirky and one off, do they want clean finishes or do they like the rustic charm? I suppose the answer is... there will never be just one answer because someone’s home and furniture choice is as unique as them. Just something else I love to see when people call in and see us in store. So get in touch, whether it’s a like on social media, a comment on a picture or invite someone to like us we want to hear about what is it you’re looking for. We want to furnish Newark and beyond with furniture as unique and fabulous as each one of you ❤️

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Tara Forrest
Tara Forrest
04 thg 9, 2021

Hi nice reading your bloog

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Thank you for your kind words Tara 😊

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