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We love what we sell....

It always helps a business when you love what you sell and at Kingsman Interiors we've been doing it a long time so we must love what we do.

Our best selling Plank Furniture is certainly something to shout & be proud of, our plank range is handmade locally and finished right here is store (It's that lovely wax smell that most of you comment on when you come into the showroom, "That proper wood smell")

We offer a wide range of furniture for you whole house and while we have many standard items the great thing about it being handmade is that you have have a piece of furniture made bespoke to your sizes and design. We love talking to people finding out what they really need and helping that become a reality, meaning that you don't have to make do you have have just what you want.

The rustic charm of our Plank Furniture suits a range of homes whether that's a country barn conversion or a beautiful contrast to a modern kitchen it really is that versatile.

Here at Kingsman Interiors we pride our Plank Range on quality, well built, beautiful

furniture and really feel we can offer something for everyone.

Recently we've noticed a real demand for storage as we all know that creating space is everything so we're excited to soon be extending our displays of storage solutions for hallways, boot rooms and utility rooms (or I think the Insta word is wash room?) We can't wait to show you all what we've got in store and hope we can be of service to help you create the look for your home that you want.

If there is anything we can help with or you would like to discuss please get in touch, if there is something we know anything about its furniture, so come and share your ideas and we'll share our knowledge for the best results possible.


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