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From Our Shop To Your Home

Delivery charges can come with lots of little hidden costs and sometimes it's hard to work out exactly what you're paying for.

At Kingsman Interiors we want to offer flexibility & great service. We do all our deliveries using our in house team members meaning that we can offer the best care & attention for your furniture.

So whats included with our deliveries?

It starts off with a phone call or email to let you know that your order is ready to be delivered. A suitable time & date is arranged and we find that not making our customer wait in all day is a real bonus.

We'll deliver your furniture into your house and the room of your choice, we then assemble your furniture if needed and remove all the packaging leaving you with your furniture ready to use.

If you want to discuss delivery options then we always welcome you getting in touch as there is often other options we can suggest.

We want our customer to feel happy with every aspect of their order from purchasing to delivery.


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