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Deliveries..🤞🏼 coming soon.

Hopefully within the next few weeks we'll slowly be able to get back a little more normality, hopefully this will also mean being able to book in some deliveries. We are looking closely at being able to carry out future deliveries with as much care and safety for both our customers and our staff as possible.

We hope all our lovely customers old, new and potential are keeping well and taking this time to maybe finish projects or decorate rooms we have neglected or put off due to lack of time. We obviously can't put any guarantees on when our deliveries can take place so with this in mind we'd like to offer that any new order placed would only require a 10% deposit to secure the order with the full balance only payable once a delivery date has been confirmed. Please get in touch to discuss any requirements you may have or if you are looking for an item we may already have in stock or even in our Green Tag Clearance. You can get in touch via email or use the Chat Button via our website.

Hopefully see you all really soon.


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